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We are a team of experienced constructors for whom there are no impossible tasks.

We work with even the most demanding materials and extremely complex patterns.

Creating your first collection? Do not worry. You have our support.


Tailoring templates

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Clothing modelling

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Gradation of clothing templates

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Artdress - szablony krawieckie.


Tailoring patterns

The development of a tailoring pattern consists in transferring a given project (in the form of szsketch, drawing or photograph) to digital form, then to paper and finally to material.

Artdress - modelowanie odzieży.


Cloth modeling

Modeling consists in a regular transformation of the structural form of clothing so that it is adapted to the silhouette of a given target group. We make them during the preparation of tailoring patterns. 

Artdress - stopniowanie szablonów odzieżowych.


Pattern Grading

Garment grading is the creation of additional sizes of a given garment. We make them both on the basis of standard and individually developed size tables.

Artdress - przygotowanie trafaretu.


Preparation of the pattern

Designing a good dressmaking pattern, i.e. a cut layout, is very important because it allows you to optimize production costs, which consists in reducing the consumption of fabric and the time needed to arrange and trace patterns on the material.

Artdress - odszywanie pierwowzorów.


Sewing prototypes

Our team consists not only of constructors, but also experienced tailors. We have the knowledge and equipment that enables professional sewing of the original on the basis of a previously made tailoring pattern.

Artdress - digitalizacja szablonów.


Digitization of templates

The digitization of tailoring patterns and forms consists in entering the design parameters into a computer program while preserving the existing elements and shapes. 

Artdress - konwersja plików - szwalnia.


File conversion

It is a service consisting in matching files with all the parameters of tailoring patterns to various computer programs that are used on a daily basis in the clothing production process.

Artdress - odszywanie kolekcji.



In addition to preparing tailoring patterns, modeling or grading, we can also sew your entire collection in full sizes.
The price is set individually.

Artdress - doradztwo klienta w szwalni.



28 years of work in the clothing industry has given us unique experience. We know how important knowledge is on the road to success, which is why we are happy to share it with our partners. 

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