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We implement the vision of designers.


We create fashion.

Quality, lead time

and accuracy of execution.

We are a group of constructors and tailors who have their own sewing room in Łódź. We like challenges and we are not afraid of working with difficult fabrics or multi-element projects.  Orders based on them are our daily bread.  Artdress is a Łódź sewing company that knows how to meet the expectations of its customers.

As a reputable clothing manufacturer from Łódź  we have the knowledge and skills that allow us to construct even the most complex models such as wedding dresses, which often use combinations of materials, difficult cuts and unusual finishes. We have the knowledge and skills that, combined with the equipment of our clothing sewing room in Łódź, give us the opportunity to take on very demanding orders. We operate based on a modern production process. For this reason many premium brands have decided to cooperate with Artdress. However, we also offer the production of clothing for companies that are just entering the market and we help them do it with a bang thanks to the commitment and high quality of our work.

Clothing sewing room from Lodz -
a wide range of services

You are looking for an experienced clothing manufacturer operating in a professional sewing room?

Do you need someone who will prepare appropriate tailoring templates for you in Lodz?  We are at your disposal.

Check what services are available in our offer:

​Artdress is a sewing room in Łódź that does not disappoint its customers! We offer comprehensive customer service at every stage of cooperation, regardless of the profile and size of the order.  We provide services at a high level and pay particular attention to detail so that the final effect is 100% consistent with the client's vision.  Feel free to contact us!

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By working with us you gain:


Support of experienced constructors.


Certainty that

your collection
will be properly performed.


Knowledge and skills of professionals with international recognition.

They trusted us:

Art Dress have been manufacturing our collections of Mens and Ladies garments for us for more than 6 years now.
All garments are sold into the very demanding Japanese market and it is a huge approval to Art Dress that orders have grown substantially season by season since our first, small production orders. There are three hugely important factors that make this possible.
Firstly, Art Dress are wonderful people to work with and we enjoy doing business with them. Secondly, they maintain high standards of quality. Thirdly, despite regular challenges, they always manage to produce our orders on time. We have a partnership that will endure.

Doug Steward, Director - Infuse Limited, London

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Join the world of fashion

Thank you for being with us!

st. Kilińskiego 210

93-106 Lodz, Poland

Tel: +48 575 884 055,     |

Customer assistants

Customer service: Paulina - 575 884 055, Piotrek - 509 959 386, Nela - 534 354 484

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