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My name is Greg and this picture shows a big part of our crew here in Art Dress.

We are a team of pattern makers, dressmakers, ironing specialist, machinist, cutting specialist and garment techs. There is 50 of us in total, unfortunately not all of us fancied a picture ? We produce garments (all types) in woven fabrics (silk and other tricky fabrics are our specialty), for European and Japanese high fashion brands.

As a managing director of Art Dress my personal goal for this crisis is not to lay off any of our employees as this shouldn’t be an option for a responsible manager, but I am afraid this will be extremely hard to do without your help.

Because Polish case of Covid-19 has been quite mild for now, we are treated as an essential business and work as usual just taking all of the safety precautions (working in shifts to create greater distance between people and wearing gloves and facemasks in the factory), those who can work from home, but remote work is very hard to do in our industry.

Unfortunately, due to shutdowns all over the world, high fashion brands that we’ve worked for have cancelled a lot of orders and what is worse they have stopped all new collection development in our Atelier. We’ve been doing this for a very long time and have built a position of one of the best pattern making ateliers and garment production facilities in Poland, and for the first time in years, our pattern makers have too much free time.

The Polish government isn’t doing anything to help us with the crisis, and that is why I am asking fashion community for help, and I think what we can give back will be a true win-win scenario for us both.

For any fashion brand or a designer, that orders patterns, and sampling with us, I give my word to produce those garments with no MOQ in next season (whenever this season will be). Please know that for a company working for high fashion brands like ours MOQ’s are at least 50 to 100 units per style.

You help me save jobs, and I take you under our wings and however small your project might be you will get the same treatment and service level as a high fashion brand. I believe this is a fair proposition and a true win-win scenario. Website:

Stay safe guys, Greg Slupianek Managing Director Art Dress

You can hit me up at any time with questions at: email: phone: +48 509 959 384

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