Frequently asked questions

1. Who is your target audience?

First of all we are experienced experts on design and production of garments, so anyone that requires professional assistance on any stage of collection creation is welcome to take advantage of our services.

We are working with both domestic and foreign designers that value high quality of clothes and appreciate the fine details and finish touches.

2. How do I know I can trust you?

Fashion has been our business for over 28 years. We are one of very few long-established companies that continue to be successful despite changing market conditions. Thanks to our know-how and unique skill set we are able to continuously deliver top quality services.

Throughout the years we didn’t just win the trust and hearts of Polish fashion designers, the group of our international clients also keeps constantly expanding. Our team is composed of the best pattern makers, tailors, process technologists, and completed by qualified and experienced advisors.

3. What services do you deliver?

We can lead you through the entire collection preparation process. We will offer advice on how to correctly prepare the design and where to find quality materials and accessories. We will prepare the patterns and layouts, create the prototypes and give them the desired shape and form –following your instructions to the letter.

We can calculate the required quantity of materials and optimize the use of all resources. We can also grade the patterns to cover complete size ranges. In other words, we will resolve all the issues that you might face on your way and answer all the questions that will arise. If this is your first collection, please do not hesitate, you have our complete support. All the details can be found in the offer tab. 

4.What types of clothes can you make for me?

We have the skills and know-how to design and produce any and all types of clothes (from uniforms, through work clothes to wedding dresses), for women, men and children.

5. Do I need to visit your office to get my project completed?

Thanks to the Internet and telephones we work remotely with most of our clients. There is no real need for you to come to our offices. However, should you decide to pay us a visit to see how the work goes with your own eyes, please do, you are more than welcome.

6. How to order a pattern?

All you need to do is send us a drawing and a detailed description. The more detailed the instructions you provide, the easier it is to complete your vision, and the better the result. Please send all materials to:

7. In what form will I receive the pattern?

The pattern can be delivered as printout on paperboard, thermal adhesive paper or in electronic version. Please select the appropriate option when placing the order.

8. How long does it take to prepare the template?

The lead time usually does not exceed 3 working days. However, given design specifics and client expectation, this can take a little bit longer.

9. Do you also make prototypes?

Yes, making the prototypes is included in the range of services we provide.

10. What will happen with the patterns that were made under my order?

Each pattern will be archived on our server for your exclusive use only. We know that mutual trust is the base of successful cooperation, this is why we take the matters if information safety very seriously and never share our data with external companies.

11. What is pattern digitalization?

Pattern digitalization is the process of transferring the dressmaking patterns from paper into digital form using applicable software, while maintaining all elements and shapes. Digitalized patterns can be later modified for scaling, modeling or archiving.

12. What is pattern grading?

Grading of patterns generally consist in creating templates of the same garment in different sizes by increasing or decreasing the master pattern to scale. Grading is performed based on standardized or customized size tables.

13. What is marker?

Marker is the layout of individual components of a given garment. Preparing and printing an optimized layout enables maximizing material use, i.e. minimizing the wastes.

Layouts can be printed on thermal adhesive paper to improve material stability during cutting.

14. What materials are used for making the clothes?

We are open to work with difficult materials and patterns. Working with such challenging materials as silk or chiffon is not a problem for us.

15. How can I receive my order?

You can pick up the order personally, should this not be possible, we can have it delivered to your doorstep in a discreet and unmarked package, if needed.

16. What are the reasons for manufacturing in Europe instead of Asia?

Asia is becoming more and more expensive, mainly due to the increasingly stronger position of U.S. dollar. As the Chinese economy grows stronger the competitive edge of their pricing decreases. By having the clothes manufactured in Europe, you economize time and save on transportation costs. Delivery time is one of decisive factors when selecting the supplier.

Also, it is often the case that the initial batches delivered from China are of very high quality, which then decreases as production volumes grow.

Additionally, delivery of goods from Asia to Europe take quite a bit of time.

17. What should I focus on when selecting the clothing manufacturer?

First of all you should consider the minimum order quantity, lead time, freight costs, flexibility, communication and last but not least, the reputation. These points will help you decide whether the delivered quality will meet your expectations, or perhaps even exceed them.

18. What are the costs of pattern preparation?

Approximate prices can be found in the Offer tab. The final cost will, however, depend on the design complexity.

19. Is signing a contract necessary for order placement and delivery?


20. What payment forms are accepted?

We accept payment in cash, via bank transfer and cash on delivery.

21. Can I order labels, tabs and insets?

Yes, we are working with companies that specialize in this area. Our clients can order different types of labels and insets containing all desired information, such as size, composition, care instructions and manufacturer data.

22. What about the packaging?

All products are packed in our own bags or bags supplied by the client. Should you choose so, we can have everything delivered in discreet, unmarked boxes. If the garments easily crumple or wrinkle, we have them transported on hangers.

23. How are the clothes transported?

Domestic and international transport of clothes is handled by a shipping company, this guarantees package safety and swiftness of delivery.

24. What is CMT?

CMT stands for CUT, MAKE and TRIM, which perfectly sums up the process of creating clothes. Starting with the cutting of materials, through all the processes taking place in sewing room, through inspection, packaging and shipping of the final product.  

If you have any questions or need additional information, please write us at or use the contact form.

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